Landscape approaches for sustainable natural resource management in Indonesia

Partners: Pattimura University, Tanah Air Beta

Throughout our longstanding research and partnerships in Indonesia we have sought to work with people and institutions and the national, regional, and local level to strengthen collaboration and incentive for sustainable resource management. With Tanah Air Beta, an Indonesian NGO, we have held annual retreats in Indonesia for practitioners and researchers implementing landscape-scale conservation and development initiatives. From 2021, we will focus our activities in a series of sentinel landscapes: Seram in Maluku, Malinau in North Kalimantan, and Kampar Peninsula in Riau. We seek to derive lessons for integrated approaches to landscape governance and sustainability. We work with APRIL RER, Birdlife Indonesia, WWF-Indonesia, LIPI, CIFOR, Pattimura University, University of Indonesia, James Cook University, and other scientific bodies interested in reconciling conservation and development in Indonesia. For more information about our work in Indonesia, please visit

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